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Dinosaurios, me recuerdan a Barney, y Barney es bacán):

añasdfglk ;-;

añasdfglk ;-;

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You think its easy being “Justin biebers girlfriend” … its not. it really isn’t. and i honestly feel so bad for Selena. she gets blamed for everything. Do you think its fair? i mean one person cant even handle a single hate comment , imagine getting millions of hate comments. Don’t tell me she hurt him because you hurt him. You say shes the bitch while you’re the one saying this stuff.. Getting told by millions that you’re a bitch, a whore, a famewhore, a slut, etc.. it hurts . if you don’t like jelena or Selena , ok. but have enough respect for her bc she actually took all the bullshit for 3 years and even after that she still took it. not one time did she ever say a bad thing about beliebers. NOT ONE. Can’t you see that she makes Justin smile  and happy. isn’t that what you want? if so then let him be with her. stop hating . she doesn’t deserve it. and Justin deserves to be happy. 

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